My 6 month old son had not been sleeping very well and his digestion had also not been working well since he was about 2 months old.  The pediatrician could not find anything causing his symptoms.  A friend told me about BodyTalk and I found out that Jim is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner.   I brought my son Luke in for a treatment and the results were amazing.   He slept the whole night for the first time in months and by the next night his digestion had totally changed for the better and the treatment has still held five months later.Becky S.

I had two distance BodyTalk session with Jim for very sore lumps in my left breast that I had for a number of years.  The doctors were concerned, but were just monitoring the situation.  After the first session there was a substantial decrease in pain and maybe in the size of the lumps.  About 1-2 weeks after the second BodyTalk session the lumps were completely gone and I have not had anymore problems.  I recommend BodyTalk and Jim to everyone.Cindy A.

My name is Maggie and I come in for regular massage appointments with Jim.   I have had problems with an on going yeast infection for over a year.   The last time I was in I mentioned this problem and how frustrated I was getting.  Jim did a quick BodyTalk session with me and released a couple of trapped emotions that were keeping my body from being able to heal.  Within a week my yeast infection cleared and has not come back.  I am so thankful.Maggie

I recently came to jim for a BodyTalk session for intestinal problems and bowel issues that had been a consistant problem for two months.  Jim released and balanced a number of organs and emotions relating to different ares in my life.  The next morning there was a huge positive change in my cramping and abdominal pain.  My bowel habits were back to normal by that night.  Everyone needs to see jim for a session.  It can change your life.Delores

I was seeing jim for massage therapy and he wanted to do a bodyTalk session at the end of my massage.  He said my uterus needed to be addressed for an imbalance.  I told him that my periods had been very irregular with other symptoms for the last three months.   I do not understand what he did but my symptoms changed with in a couple of days and I had a normal cycle ever since.Lisa M

The  psorasis on both of my hands is about 70 percent better after a couple of BodyTalk sessions with Jim and I feel better overall.Kim

I came to SouthSide Wellness for massage therapy  to address my headaches.  I have had 3-4 headaches a week for 15 years.  I tried many different treatments and no one could get me any relief.  After doing some massage and craial sacral therapy Jim suggested we try a BodyTalk session and ask my body what it needed to heal me of these headaches.  The session was short and Jim said it was very simple what my body needed. I have not had a headache in two months since the BodyTalk session and if I feel like one may be in the background possibly triying to develop I do the BodyTalk exercise Jim showed me and it immediatly goes away.  I am so excited that I have found such a powerful therapy and that Jim is so good.Karen G.

My wife comes to see Jim for BodyTalk and she wanted me to see him after I hurt my back three weeks ago lifting some boxes.  I had a lot of pain and was hunched over and could not stand straight up.  I got so much relief from my session.  I could stand straight with out pain and felt wonderful.  When I brought my wife in for her next session with Jim three weeks later my back was still doing great.  BodyTalk works every time for me.Randal P

I came to Jim for neck pain and headaches that would not go away.  Having chiropractic treatments was not helping much and a friend referred him to me.

After talking with him and telling him how my job was so stressful, he suggested maybe that was the source of my headaches and tight muscles.  After my massage we did a Reference Point Therapy sessison without even telling him what the issues at work were.   The results were so great. After that one session my neck pain and headaches completely changed.  We did a couple more sessions just doing massaage because it feels so good.Lisa T.

I was involed in a car accident over a year ago and have done two rounds of PT, two rounds of massage therapy with very little relief.  My new doctor referred me to Jim so I started seeing him for rehab massage therapy.  He does things a lot different then other therapists, but who am I to complain, he is the only one that could fix me.  Everyone else just treated my symptoms, where as Jim explained to me that my real prolem was that my nervous system and brain was stuck in flight/fright/freeze from the accident, and that my nervous system needed to be treated using a specialized bodywork therapy that would bring my nervous system back into balance.    After just 4-5 sessions I am completely back to normal and pain free.Cynthia P

After having back surgery a number of years ago I was really afraid when my symptoms and pain suddenly started to come back.  I went to see Jim for some therapy hoping that he could help.  He focused on doing Bowen Therapy with me since he felt massage would not be as effective as Bowen.  Bowen is a different way to release muscle guarding and tension and he quickly able to balance out my whole body in 40 minutes.  All I needed was two Bowen sessions and I was back to normal.  I am so thankful for Jim’s help. Marlo

I came to see Jim for pelvic and low back pain that had been bothering me for six months.  Pt was not helping much  so I was hopeful Jim could help me.

After doing an examination he felt Bowen Therapy would be the best avenue to take since other therapies were not helping.  After two Bowen sessions my pain changed dramatically.  I could now sit for hours at a time with no pain and could increase my activity level.  I have done four Bowen sessions and the results have been wonderful.Beth

I recently had a session with Jim for a problem I have whenever I give a work presentation. The symptoms I had were a hot flushing feeling in my face and my neck would turn bright red. I was conscious of this. I live in Arizona so we had to do the therapy over the phone. Jim explained the theory behind the treatment we were going to do and then he walked me through the steps and also taught me how to treat myself afterwards. The next day I gave a presentation at work and I was totally sympton free and have been so ever since. — Charlotte A.

I scheduled an appointment with Jim because my back had been hurting for a month. On my first visit, he examined my pelvis and found that I had a high hip on one side. After correcting this and releasing various muscles in my back, my pain was down 80%. I saw him one more time to clear up the remaining pain. I would definitely recommend Jim Adcock. — Jeff S.

I have been working with Jim regularly for almost 3 years now. He is highly professional and continues to provide excellent service. Jim is ready on time and does not cut sessions short. He listens carefully and adjusts his massage sessions to address my specific needs. Weekly visits have helped immensely in my recovery from intense triathlon training and have helped to prevent injuries. In fact, when I had to leave town for 6 months last year for work and was not being seen by Jim, I got injured! Jim regularly takes classes and attends workshops to continually build new skills and expand his services. I have been treated by various massage therapists over the years, but none provide the same overall service as Jim. – Jennifer Shepherd, amateur triathlete and chemistry professor — Dr. Jennifer N. Shepherd

I scheduled a allergy session with Jim because for quite a few years I had a allergy to cats. My eyes would get itchy and my sinuses would plug up every time I was in the same room with a cat. After our session I flew to Florida to spend time with my brother. My sister in law loves cats and they have three of the furry critters. I was somewhat skeptical that my allergy could be fixed this easily with a simple treatment. Boy was I wrong. I spent two weeks with three cats and I was symptom free. I even let one of the cats sit on my lap. What a relief. — Becky D.

When I casually mentioned to Jim that I get severe anxiety attacks on airplanes he said he may be able to help me. I met with him for one session before I was scheduled to fly out of town. The flight went very well. During one part of it, when I did start feeling anxious, I did the tapping that he had taught me and was fine for the rest of the departing flight, as well as the return. — Tracy

I enthusiastically recommend Jim Adcock as a massage therapist. He is an intelligent, well-rounded, concerned health professional. Always expanding his knowledge through continuing education classes and listening carefully to his clients, Jim creates a treatment plan customized to each individual.  — Jaxon

I had been experiencing chronic neck and upper back pain for a period of time, and was looking for a new massage therapist after my therapist moved out of town. A friend of a co-worker had been seen by Jim Adcock and recommended him highly. I made an appointment with Jim over two years ago, and he’s been my massage therapist ever since. Overall, my neck and upper back pain flares less frequently and is less extreme. I recommend him to those seeking a massage therapist professional, with a pleasant demeanor, who is familiar with several different techniques used to relieve stress, pain, and muscle tightness. — Brenda

I started coming to Jim in my 3rd trimester for massage therapy because I was having low back and hip pain from my pregnancy. I got so much pain relief from our sessions together plus a bonus. One day Jim asked if I was nervous about having another baby, and I told him I was getting anxious about the birthing proccess even though this will be my third child. He asked if I wanted to try a simple technique that would make me feel more calm, relaxed and eliminate my anxiety. To sum things up, I cannot believe how calm and relaxed I was leading up to the delivery day, and the delivery itself was a piece of cake. This stuff is amazing. — Wanda G.

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