Sports Improvement

Athletic Peak Performance = Excell Performance

AthleticHow would you like to be “in the groove,” “on a roll,” “in the zone” or what ever else you call it? It’s that special feeling that nothing can go wrong, everything goes your way and that you are unbeatable. Unfortunately, these peak performances don’t happen enough. One day you are hitting all of the fairways and the next day you’re in the trees. Why is it you can hit all of your free throws in practice, but in a game situation you rim it out more than you like?

No matter what your sport; football, baseball, softball, wrestling, golf, no matter what your age; high school, college, amateur, professional or weekend athlete, we can show and teach you how to have the success you desire and deserve.

Why Can’t I achieve peak performance all the time?

From a very early age, subconscious programs are created that determine the outcome of our lives. These programs are what prevent us from achieving what we want. By identifying these programs and how they effect our sports performance, we can then treat and eliminate those blocks that cause frustration and limit our athletic progress.

Psychological reversal (PR) “The Saboteur Within,” is when the subconscious mind has strong self limiting beliefs. These beliefs hold us back from what we want to achieve in our athletic success. This is why we are unable to find the consistency and success that we desire. The problem is that most of the time we are unaware that PR is present. When present, no permanent progress can be made. You may say that you want to achieve this or want that, however if PR is present, your subconscious mind has a different agenda.

What can Excell Performance do for me?

  • Help you identify the self limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success.
  • Eliminate “The Saboteur Within.”
  • Erase limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind so they no longer are a problem.
  • Teach you an amazing quick effective technique that can be done anywhere, anytime, even during competition, to boost confidence, keep you in the zone, relaxed and in control.
  • Teach you how to release self limiting beliefs and fears as they come up.
  • Develop a personal program to keep you on top of your game.

Just imagine what it would be like to have this advantage over your competition.

  • Have more fun.
  • Have more confidence, focus, control, be more relaxed and in the ZONE.
  • Have consistent performance.
  • Take your game to the next level, and have unlimited success.
  • Please call for a free consultation to find out how you can achieve unlimited success!

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