An apple a day keeps the doctor away… Maybe not!

I recently came across these statistics on pesticides. While the article may seem alarming, it did not mention how much pesticide residue was detected. Just the percent of fruits and vegetables analyzed.
ripe red apple with green leaf isolated on white

  • 93% of non organic oranges analyzed contained Pesticide residues
  • 78% of apples analyzed contained Pesticide residues
  • 43% of all fruit and vegetables analyzed had detectable levels of pesticides
  • 50% of lettuce contained residue from 7 or more chemicals
  • 71% of cereal bars contain pesticides
  • 83% of oily fish like tuna had pesticide residue

It gets worse, peaches, strawberries, spinach, basically any fruit or veggie is swimming in a toxic soup. Even washing and peeling the skin may not provide any help.

I am not pro organic or take a stance one way or the other. But the info is eye opening. Do more research if you are concerned.

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