Why Southside Massage Therapy & Wellness?

Hello and welcome. I am Jim Adcock, owner of Southside Massage Therapy & Wellness. We are conveniently located on Spokane’s South Hill with easy access from all parts of Spokane and the Spokane Valley (click here for directions).

On this site you will find valuable information on state of the art treatments that can have unbelievably life changing ramifications.

We offer effective treatment and quick relief from:

  • Chronic and Acute Pain (neck, back, shoulder pain, headaches, and migraines)
  • Anxiety & Phobia Relief (ie: panic attacks, fear of flying, public speaking)
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Sports Performance Improvement

So, I invite you to take some time and acquaint yourself with the treatments and information available on this site. You will be amazed that problems you have had for months, years, or even a lifetime can be easily eliminated.

Most importantly, I am here to help you. So contact me today for your complimentary consultation and find out how soon you can start feeling better.


Jim Adcock